nVidia Driver Cleanup Guide !!

Hi guys. I have started a website and posts are moved there. It’s http://captaindbg.com/nvidia-driver-cleanup-guide/


8 Responses to “nVidia Driver Cleanup Guide !!”

  1. […] it might be your Graphics Card. I would recommend to uninstall it and reinstall it follow this Link nVidia Driver Cleanup Guide !! it's specific to nVidia but the same procedure is applicable for other display card we well. Also […]

  2. […] Seems like few things are going on. First of all uninstall your nVidia Driver and reinstall it. nVidia Driver Cleanup Guide !! then run a Hardware Diagnostic because seems lie something is going on with your RAM. Follow this […]

  3. […] like it nVidia card is causing the System to crash. Follow this article an do a Driver Cleanup nVidia Driver Cleanup Guide !! also for stress test follow this article STOP 0x116: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR troubleshooting – Windows 7 […]

  4. Thanks for guide..but fwhen i click uninstall from drivers tab it shows black screen ..no monitor signal i need to restart pc to get monitor signal (windows driver)

    any help

    • Hello Hasse,

      We need to do some troubleshooting to find that out. Could you please create a thread at http://www.sevenforums.com/graphic-cards/ We’ll help you out there.

      – Captain

  5. […] able to uninstall it in case of that didn't work, i have written an nVidia driver cleanup article nVidia Driver Cleanup Guide !! Hope this helps, Captain Regards, Captain Tier 2 Moderator – Windows 7 Forums | Captain […]

  6. […] Check this Page for cleanup Guide: nVidia Cleanup Guide !! […]

  7. […] Check this Page for cleanup Guide: nVidia Cleanup Guide !! […]

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